Molecular Delivery Systems

AmyletiX is a product of our patented technology for making water-based systems with hydrophobic actives. This technology uses guest/host chemistry to disperse insoluble materials in water. Our helical host molecule captures and hides insoluble guests in water, letting you incorporate difficult active molecules into water-based systems.

A New Pathway to Delivering Drugs

Oil-in-water emulsions can be unstable and prone to phase separation, yet many active ingredients must be formulated as an oil-in-water emulsion. This can be challenging because the properties of the oily phase may negatively affect the efficacy or stability of the system (e.g., drug solubility). By hiding the oil phase inside the molecular dispersion created by the guest/host system the hydrophobic portions are shielded from the water eliminating the emulsion.

AmpHyletiX, a sort of amylated version of the guest/host chemistry, is amphiphilic and disperses insoluble materials in water by using a conjugated host that forms a hydrogen bond network with itself and with other components, including the hydrophobic guest molecule. The host is designed to be soluble in both oil and water phases while holding an insoluble guest inside its helix. This allows it to form a stable dispersion without requiring an emulsifier. This changes the nature of the material perhaps making the emulsion unnecessary — there are no oil droplets or water droplets present; instead, there are only molecules dispersed within a continuous medium

The guest molecules are dispersed in a helical host structure, which is dispersed in water. This makes it possible for you to incorporate difficult active molecules in water-based systems. It can be used for topical ointments with a water base and hydrophobic actives, as well as for oral formulations with insoluble actives. The water-based ointments and lotions created by this technology are cleaner, smoother spreading, obviously less oily with little or no residue.



When you’re trying to deliver an active ingredient, it’s important to know that your formulation is stable and can be used as intended. AmyletiX uses a unique combination of chemistry and design to provide the most effective way of incorporating insoluble materials into water-based systems.


AmyletiX has been shown to have equivalent bioavailability when replacing PEG400 in Tadalafil feeding study. Just 1% AmyletiX replaced 50% PEG400.


This is just a brief summary list of the hundreds of actives that can be dispersed in water using our patented Guest/Host chemistry: Cannabidiol Oil, Capsaicin, Cycloastragenol, Ibuprofen, Hydrocortisone, Minoxidil, Octacosanol, Paclitaxel, Palmetoylethanolamide, Tadalafil, Tamoxifen, Terpenes and more…