Challenge Of Optimizing

As science learns more and more about how our bodies respond to phytochemicals from nature, it becomes clear that traditional Chinese medicine has always had a lot to offer. But, these herbal extracts and other nutritional supplements can be bitter, insoluble, and often difficult to digest. But AmyletiX helps solve those problems—improving bioavailability, making these gifts of nature easier to take and in many new forms.

Toward health and Hapiness

AmyletiX represents a new technology based on principles that combine modern science with ancient wisdom. Combining herbal extracts with our discovery around traditional legumes results in benefits of traditional medicine, modern nutraceutical understanding, and modern health care. By solving the problem of solubility, AmyletiX makes it possible to enjoy all the benefits of phytochemicals in modern enjoyable food and beverages.

We live in an age of convenience—which is especially valuable regarding our health care choices. AmyletiX offers an easy solution to optimize these nutraceuticals from nature without changing your lifestyle or sacrificing comfort.

To your Health and Happiness!



Dietary supplements have focused on pills and tablets. AmyletiX empowers new delivery formats and easy-to-take options. No more pill-popping and much-improved bioavailability. Good tasting foods and beverages are nutritionally-tuned to deliver taste and goodness never before available. CBD preparations, solubilized with AmyletiX, may now include treatments for sleep and stress and immunity, and cognition.


Combining ingredients for synergistic benefits can be tricky. Just one hydrophobic component may be challenging to build into a good-tasting food. But two or more is often even more difficult. AmyletiX enables multiple synergistic nutraceuticals to be combined into one pleasant beverage to enhance benefits like mood enhancement, focus, and immune support or combining the benefits of ingredients like elderberry, turmeric, and more to supercharge microbiome health.


Sports nutrition isn’t just for elite athletes: Supplements targeted towards athletes can also benefit seniors, like bone and joint health products, with ingredients like magnesium and collagen. eSports and brain health are emerging as a new category of endurance. The need to keep a sharp mind over extended periods of competition and maintain a high level of physical fitness is directly applicable to seniors. Nootropics can address the brain fog and mental wellness impacts of aging. Ingredients like magnesium, L-theanine, vinpocetine, GABA, and Ayurvedic adaptogen ingredients like ashwagandha may support new levels of health and happiness.